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Honda Prepare Mugen CR-Z


The Honda CR-Z impressed us last year in being the first hybrid we would collectively buy with our own money. It was involving to drive, good looking and wasn’t spoilt by its interfering green credentials. Despite good levels of performance the cars critics ridiculed it for not producing the levels of MPG as expected. Now Honda are going in the opposite direction with the funky hatch and are enlisting the help of world famed tuners Mugen.

Mugen did a cracking job with the Civic Type-R and so this up and coming CR-Z is set to be quite the hatchback. Lighter components will be used to reduce unsprung weight in the car and performance from its 1.5 litre engine is also to be boosted. Surprisingly it will also be more fuel efficient than the standard car so in the end everybody wins! The environmentalists stop wining, we get a new hot-hatch and the world is a better place.