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Honda Return to Formula One With McLaren


McLaren HondaThroughout motorsport history there are legendary pairings, but all are arguably overshadowed by that of McLaren and Honda. Together they won the Formula One drivers and constructors championships four times as well as underpinning the Senna Legend. The McLaren MP4/4 is the worlds most successful Formula One car, guess who built its engine? With regulations changing within the sport for 2014 now is the perfect time to change McLaren’s longstanding relationship with Mercedes.

Mercedes now have their own F1 team and so McLaren are no longer their top priority, the British team know this as they now have to pay for their Mercedes-Benz engines. The Honda 1.6 litre turbo that will sit inside the 2015 McLaren has been under development for quite some time in the upmost secrecy, apparently the result thus far are impressive. The link not only provokes vast quantities of nostalgia, but it is also a real shot in the arm for Toyota who have been absent from Formula One since 2008.