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Honda Reveals New Civic


Hatchbacks in europe are big sellers for every manufacturer that produces them. Ford has the Focus, Renault the Clio and Honda their Civic. With the Jap’s signing off the final variation of the current Civic its time to look at what it coming next. Honda has to get this right especially with its predecessors design being such a huge success. So here it is, the 2012 Honda Civic.

Taking on a much more bloated appearance the new Civic adheres to the current trends for hatchbacks. The darkened grill and aggressive angular lights do separate it from the crowd, but the overall design is nowhere near as revolutionary as the previous model. Keeping the “blended wing” (split rear windscreen if you don’t speak Honda), the appearance from the rear is rather funky we have to admit. Inside the car has grown up a lot with the use of brushed aluminium, yet still retains the 1990’s sci-fi speedometer.

A solid start but lets be honest, it’s the Type-R we are all waiting for.