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Honda Urban SUV Takes To The Stage


Honda Urban SUV Concept frontHonda’s recent CR-V has again, just like its predecessors, captivated the segment as sales boom. Looking to capitalise on their crossover knowhow, the Japanese are planning a smaller car that will rival such machines as the Nissan Juke and Peugeot 2008. We have all seen the teaser images but now Honda have revealed the Urban SUV Concept in full.

This baby SUV will likely become a reality sometime in 2014 alongside the all-new Honda Jazz on which it will be based. The design architecture echo’s that of the much anticipated NSX. Bold body lines dominate its curved shape and piercing LED headlights give it real character. The Urban SUV will help Honda in their bid to produce 400,000 cars a year and with the crossover segment booming, this concept is very logical.