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Horrific Gallardo Crash!


Whilst competing in the 2010 Lamborghini Super Trofeo Cup, a Gallardo to that specification saw one of the worst racing incidents we have come across. The cause of the crash is unknown but its consequences are clear for all to see. The Gallardo in an attempt to recover from a slide ploughs nose first into the pit wall that is constructed of reinforced concrete. The laws of physics dictate that stone beats Lamborghini as is evident when the car wildly breaks up as if made of Lego. On its slide to its final resting place the car and driver after suffering a huge incident of their own have to suffer yet another as the wreck bursts into flames.

The driver, Giorgio Bartocci, escaped from what was left of the car alive, though it took fire-fighters longer than anticipated to free him because of the severity of the blaze.