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How to Ruin a Ferrari 599 with Suede


Ferrari 599 suedeFerrari, a performance icon thats logo is the worlds most globally recognised. Machines wearing the prancing horse represent the prestige and history of a brand that started life in Grand Prix racing and have claimed more victories than any other team. When buying a Ferrari for the road you purchase a piece of that glory, that almost inexplicable Italian charm that gets enthusiasts excited, passersby interested and children the highlight of their day. Driving your Ferrari in a urban environment is something of a public service, but not this Ferrari 599 GTB. No this one can stay under vail of shame.

Photographed by a friend of mine whilst in Kensington, this Ferrari 599 has had its respect stripped from it an in its place lays a skin of what appears to be suede! You know, the material you might make some rather rain sensitive shoes out of or maybe a sofa. Who in their right mind does this to such an excellent V12 GT car? The 599 is arguably one of the best supercars ever made so what did it do to deserve the mockery of everyone who sees it?

You know how bad pet owners are banned from owning animals? Would it be possible to ban the owner of this car from buying an automobile ever again?