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Hyundai Blue2 Concept Is A Design Masterpiece


Hyundai have been getting more premium by the day. First their cheap and cheerful hatchbacks get some design work that to be honest “looks the business”, now other segments are to get an extra sprinkling of awesome. The environment is something all manufacturers are being forced to consider with all new cars. However Hyundai’s latest concept could teach a few luxury saloons a trick or two in the design department all whilst saving the polar ice cubes.

This isn’t just a collection of nice shapes, the Blue 2 is a very good looking car. The saloon is powered by hydrogen and powering it in this way allows for 82MPG. 120BHP is what muscle the engine can offer and the Korean manufacturer is promising well styled luxury inside. The car is extremely aerodynamic meaning it reduces a vast amount of wind resistance that would lead to the engine burning more fuel.

The car is to be shown at the Korean motor show known as Seoul.