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Hyundai Hexa Space Concept Is Futuristic People Mover


Generally people carriers aren’t very exciting pieces of equipment. Often they are just vast quantities of space on wheels that are rather good at being filled with children and dogs. They only real time when these machines spark an interest is when they bring something innovative to the table, and innovation is exactly what Hyundai have packed their Hexa Space with.

Looking like a futuristic moon boot, the Hexa Space Concept debuts at the Indian Auto Expo. The designers at Hyundai have been using their sharpest pencils of late creating some brilliant shapes, this concept is no different. Inside there is seating for eight in hexagonally shaped perches. The seats fit together like a puzzle maximising interior space. The car also features a number of items not usually found on this sort of vehicle such as; a touch screen display, button shifter to change gear as well as what Hyundai are calling an “air purifier.”