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Hyundai i30 Gets It’s Wagon On


We in the UK have gone through periods of being very fond of specific car types over the decades. Recently it was all about owning a 4X4 regardless of where you lived or the purpose it would serve. Prior to that the hatchback was our key form of utilitarian transport. But before that the estate was our playmate. Hyundai hope that shall be the case once again with the i30 Wagon.

It’s an estate! I hate the term wagon, it is far too American. Regardless of this Hyundai present to the world the i30 Wagon, a rather fetching estate variation of the hatchback. Keeping with a curvaceous appearance this car shares its engine range with the hatchback (3 petrol and 3 diesel) and it is said to have been manufactured specifically for the European market. Boot space stands at 528 litre with the rear seats up but fold them away and that becomes a vast 1642 litres.