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India Produce First Sports Car


Today it seems every country wants a share of the performance car pie. Europe dominates with its slinky sports cars, America foots the bill with some serious muscle, and even the Dutch have got in on the act! India is what’s called an emerging market but is already one of the worlds economic superpowers. Is it a surprise that they have now joined the fray?

Named the DC Avanti, this is India’s first crack of the sports car whip. The angular profile of the car is rather unique, if you excuse the Ferrari 458 inspired front end, making it not quite to everyones taste. Personally I don’t mind it, it’s not beautiful, but it is rather interesting. Power comes from a Ford 2.0 litre engine mated with a turbocharger producing 261BHP. DC also say that a V6 variation with 394BHP at its disposal is also in the works. Weighing in at just 1,560KG and utilizing a dual clutch gearbox, the Avanti will do a 0-62MPH run in under 7 seconds.