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Infiniti EX Black Premium Makes You A VIP


Infiniti are fairly new to the UK and seeing one drive past 90% of people wouldn’t recognize the brand. The company is formed from Nissan and much like Lexus is to Toyota, Infiniti is their premium brand. The badge has been in America for a sizable amount of time and has made good impressions into the luxury car market. But how can this young face tempt BMW, Mercedes and Lexus buyers into taking their wears? How about literally making you a VIP?

The cars by themselves are very exclusive due to the small numbers that have been sold thus far but Infiniti has a trick up its sleeve to encourage potential Audi Q5 owners to drop the keys in exchange for the new EX Black Premium. At £45,671 it is more costly thancompetitors but the vast quantities of standard equipment and luxury more than make sense of the cost. The interesting factor of this EX is that when you purchase one it gains you access to Relais & Châteaux’s Club 5C, an invite only chain of the worlds most luxurious hotels. This special edition is limited to just 150 units for the whole of Europe and includes one nights complimentary stay at the hotels. Based on the EX30d GT this unique and rare ride does indeed come with its benefits.