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Infiniti Q60 is a Sculpture on Wheels


Infiniti Q60 conceptInfiniti have unveiled the new Q60 concept and it is a interpretation of an elegant lifestyle 2+2 coupe. An impressive blend of menacing angles and a high quality finishes make the Q60 Concept something to really aspiring. “The Q60 Concept is Infiniti’s most emotional and accessible concept so far”, according to Infiniti Vice President, Francois Bancon.

Infiniti have a clear intent for the production of the Q60. Similarly, the Q30 Concept, which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show near the end of 2013 and the Q80 Inspiration which was premiered at the Paris Motor Show in September last year are also planned for the production line in the coming year.

The striking and purposeful stance of the Q60 Concept reflects the high performance of the car. A gaping grille, defined lines and powerful angles all draw towards the notion upon the Q60 Concept was based.

The refinement of the exterior is continued in the same way in the interior. The leather-wrapped instrument panel is stitched by hand, as is the steering wheel and the door inserts. Carbon fibre in the door accents resonate the aim for performance in this car.  An array of leathers are involved for the optimisation of comfort and luxury in the seating. Even rear passengers enjoy premium bucket seat!

The Q60 Concept is expected to benefit from a next generation 3.0-litre V6 engine with twin-turbocharging. This new engine was first shown off in the Q80 Inspiration at the Paris Motor Show last year and is part of a new breed of lighter, smaller, efficient and more powerful engines.

Infiniti’s philosophy of technology enhancing the driver and not restricting them shows well with a host of technologies, which enrich the driving experience and offer assistance when required. The improved Infiniti Direct Adaptive Steering system allows independent control of the car’s tyre angle and steering inputs. This is important in communicating road surface feedback to the driver – a system that’s been developed for over 10 years.

A high level of personalisation is available with the new Infiniti InTuition System, which is a fully customisable digital environment. It works with the cars Intelligent Keys to recognise the vehicle settings for up to four drivers. These settings include preferences such as seating position, navigation, telematics, heating and audio.

The Q60 Concept is Infiniti’s vision for a sports coupe design, which offers performance as well as luxury and on the face of it, it seems to offer just that.