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Infiniti Q80 Concept is a Futuristic Sculpture


Infiniti Q80 Concept rearThe Infiniti Q80 concept is the companies biggest push in cementing themselves as makers of premium saloons, and you would definitely give it a second glance if it drove past! A car that has seemingly been pulled straight out of the future withInfiniti Q80 Concept front effortlessly flowing panels and curvaceous angles makes the Q80 a very impressive car to look at. The front and rear doors open opposite to each other and reveal the luxurious and futuristic cabin. High quality materials and uniquely shaped seating certainly make the Q80 different from any potential competitors.

The Q80 Concept isn’t just all about looks though. Underneath it hides a twin turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 hybrid electric engine, which produces a staggering 550bhp. Despite this almighty power, the Q80 is still capable of achieving 42.8 mpg, which gives this car an impressive blend of performance and sophistication. Partnered with high levels of fuel economy it is a tantalising package.

Highly sophisticated technology allows the driver to always be fully in control of the car. Cameras, lasers and sensors alongside a customisable HUD enables the driver to receive the information he or she wants when they want it. Suggestions are offered to the driver in situations such as high levels of traffic on what alternate courses of action there may be, but ultimately the driver is always in control of what happens.

Refined and complex levels of design all mean the Infiniti Q80 Concept has a good chance of being a highly desirable premium product. Innovative technologies all aimed to help the driver in their experience is very appealing to the customer and alongside an impressive figure for fuel economy, it appears to be the complete package.