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Inside Lane and Forza Motorsport 3


Often blasting a Lamborghini around mountain roads or thrashing a hot-hatch down a country lane is just an ambition, one of those boxes you would love to tick but thanks to the hand life has delta you super cars aren’t cheap. This is where a studio named Turn 10 come into play! You see these men and women are offering you a way to obtain those experiences without having to win the lottery. The portal to your fantasy? Forza Motorsport 3.

Developed for the Xbox 360, FM3 is no game for children! This brings you into the world of the most advanced driving simulation available to the public. The photo-realistic graphics are clear and crisp to deliver an astonishingly life-like experience. With over 400 cars on offer and more than 100 tracks, FM3 gives you a wide range of choices to make. More cars are added every month as they are downloaded directly to your Xbox 360 to ensure the game never falls behind with the latest models. The damage physics are incredible giving you the horror of watching your Ferrari tumble down a cliff, without you having to fit the bill. The handling of each car has been simulated perfectly as we have tested on various occasions the real-life car and the car in-game, the resemblance is uncanny. Another fantastic feature of the game is the infinite ability to customise your cars with paint and real aftermarket performance parts. Mechanics will love the game for its attention to detail as you can set the car up by hand to extreme levels, even the tyre pressure can be adjusted!

The best part of this magnificent masterpiece is its community. FM3 is full of “car people”, people that understand your love for the motorcar. It’s very intricate with car clubs and an online auction house to buy and sell cars. The whole experience is biblical.

If you remember back to the old site and the days of Forza Motorsport 2, we offered a feature called all revved up. Well today its back with even more features… Vulcan, a dedicated team of tuners who churn out some of the most mind-blowing cars the game has ever seen. Inside Lane School of Racing, this being a simulation it’s not going to be easy. Virtual Reality, when we all gather online and do something stupid yet amazing. Club Inside Lane, this is our own FM3 community where being a member gives you the opportunity to win monthly prizes and FREE exclusive Inside Lane DLC.

So what are you waiting for check it out, and we’ll be here waiting for you to try out our ALL REVVED UP features.