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Inside Lane Arctic Adventure


arctic-adventureHere at Inside Lane we have done a number of EPIC road trips. Most recently was the vast journey across Europe in a Civic Type R that took us to four different countries and two world famous race tracks. Now it is time to reveal in full where the road is taking us next… Get ready for the Inside Lane Arctic Adventure.

Wrap-up warm as we buckle up to take you on a journey to the Arctic Circle, one of the harshest natural environments known to man. Our journey begins in Ivalo Finland where currently the temperature is -15 degrees celsius. Being so far north daylight lasts just a handful of hours before the bitterly cold night sets in. From there it is a trip of over 366km stopping at key locations.

So what rugged vehicle will we be putting to the test? The new 2017 Ford Kuga. Whilst many of you might have been thinking something along the lines of “a monster truck” the idea is that if the new Kuga can survive out here then it will do just find on the school run back home. With only a few alterations, such as snow tyres, this SUV will literally be our lifeline.

It will be a real challenge filming and producing coverage in this environment, but we have a variety of content heading your way. Firstly, you can follow the whole trip live via Twitter. There will be a daily diary starting on 14th November here on the website detailing our progress. Then on Friday 18th November begins the first of a two part video series of this astonishing trip on the YouTube channel.

So there you go, the Arctic Adventure awaits.