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Inside Lane Car of the Year 2015: (4th) Jaguar XE


2015-Jaguar-XE-R-Sport-rearJaguar really has come full circle from a period of financial struggle, to now producing some of the strongest products in the automotive world. I’m sure many people doubted Jag when they announce that they would try and beat the Germans at their own game. BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz totally dominate the executive saloon segment, or should I say “used to” dominate the executive saloon segment. Whilst the German big three haven’t missed a beat, I’m sure none of them were expecting the Jaguar XE to arrive and become such a force to be reckoned with. It takes 4th in our 2015 Car of the Year and is the highest ranking car of its class.

The Jaguar XE is not only handsome, not only capable, but a total breath of fresh air when compared with its competition. From its long bonnet to gear selector that rises up from the console, it feels more characterful and unique. The prestige of having a Jaguar badge is something potential owners will take note of. Although slightly restrictive when it comes to rear leg room, a good quality cabin and comfortable seating makes the interior a pleasant place to spend time.

It ticks those executive boxes, but has also redefined the pecking order in terms of handling amongst peers. Precise turn-in and masterful body control demonstrates that the car has been engineered with the driver in mind. Option the 8 speed automatic gearbox from ZF and all of a sudden no other auto is good enough. A strong line-up of engines to suit all, as well as competitive pricing, means that the XE should be on just about everyones shortlist.

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