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Inside Lane Car of the Year 2015: (5th) 2015 Honda Civic Type R


2015 Inside Lane Car of the Year 5th Civic Type RAnd so it begins! Our countdown to revealing Inside Lane Car of the Year 2015. This year proved to be an excellent vintage for the automotive world and so picking a winner, and even our top 5, was exceptionally difficult. After many arguments, well chosen words, a small brawl, and a few beers, we finally have our list. To even make the final is a great achievement as to do so said car has beaten just about every new model of this year. 5th place in our Car of the Year final goes to the mega Honda Civic Type R.

There is something very Mad Max about this highly anticipated hot hatchback. Blistered arches, grills, and the huge rear wing all add to the ASBO attitude. However, more impressive than just its visual is the way this thing moves. The new 305BHP 2.0 litre VTEC is now turbocharged and it does change the character of this 2015 Honda Civic Type R. Whilst not a classic VTEC “screamer” the turbo’s power delivery is potent and the torque lower in the rev range makes it far more usable in the real world. With huge Brembo brakes that bring the car to a stop just as quick as the machine itself moves, its performance is exploitable. Being a hatchback it retains good practicality with seating for the family and a large boot.

The 2015 Honda Civic Type R is a joy to spend time with on the road. But hit the +R button and head to a track, everything gets turned up to 11! Having adjustable dampers and the car on maximum attack makes this hatch the most focused front wheel drive performance machine ever. Plenty of grip, accurate steering, and a lack of torque steer all proves that this car was worth the wait.

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