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Inside Lane Car of the Year 2014: BMW M235i


Inside Lane Car of the Year 2014 BMW M235iSo here it is… The BIG one. 2014 has been an excellent year for cars of all shapes and sizes. We have had MPVs that brought style to a class where traditional there is none, trendy crossovers, sleek superminis, a batch of fantastic sports cars and family cars that just keep raising the bar. It was genuinely a tough decision to make, but after whittling down the list of potential winners we eventually came to a solid conclusion. The overall winner of Inside Lane Car of the Year 2014 is the BMW M235i.

When we say this car is a deserving winner we really mean it. In a world where driver involvement in being quashed and the enthusiast is a minority, here is a car to meet your petrol headed needs. Whilst not a fully fledged M car, we thought that this M235i possessed a great balance between performance and everyday usability. Powered by a turbocharged 3.0 litre straight-six engine producing 321BHP, the BMW M235i will get you to 62MPH in just 5 seconds. Looking handsome and arguably the right proportions to be a modern day M3, the current model is huge in comparison to the original, its driving manors fit like a glove. Sharp, responsive and just a tad tail happy, this is the recipe manufactures should strive for.

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