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Inside Lane Car of the Year 2015: Mercedes-AMG GT S


Car of the Year 2015We have been spoilt for choice when it comes to new cars for 2015. Hotly anticipated supercars, superb hot hatchbacks, expectation surpassing saloons, and cracking little superminis! Picking an overall winner from such a talented car park has been no easy decision. After extensive road testing, arguments, tantrums and tears, we have finally agreed upon the winner of Inside Lane Car of the Year 2015. But first here are some honourable mentions.

5th: The 2015 Honda Civic Type R rewrites what is possible with a front wheel drive hatchback. 306BHP, WTCC inspired bodywork, a slick manual gearbox, and it is a real track weapon in +R mode.

4th: The Jaguar XE squared up to the big three German bullies in the executive saloon playground and its has bravery paid off. Not only is it handsome, but it is the best handling car in its class.

3rd: This Mini John Cooper Works is a plucky little hatch that is such fun to drive. Team 228BHP with that characteristic Mini handling, boisterous exhaust note, and what you have is a charming little car indeed.

2nd: It is no surprise that the all-new Mazda MX-5 is on this list. Going back to its roots, this MK4 is as rewarding to drive on challenging roads as even. Light, nimble, and well priced, this sports car only just missed out on the top prize.

1st: The winner of Inside Lane Car of the Year 2015 is the Mercedes-AMG GT S. In our eyes it ticks all of the boxes. It is not just because 503BHP make it very fast, it is not just because that torque delivery is totally intoxicating, it is not only because its handling is excellent. The AMG GT rectifies all of its predecessors shortcoming whilst adding enough refinement and quality that you could use it every day and still feel that the car is worth the £110,000 price tag. It is such a complete package with its handsome looks and beastly soundtrack. It is a worthy winner.