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Inside Lane: Epic Road Trip


There is nothing quite like the perfect song to listen to whilst on the road, you know the type, ones that just feel right whist you push on towards wherever you are going. Just you, your pride and joy bathing in the sound of the symphony that is the embodiment of that moment in time. Well today Inside Lane brings to you our ultimate driving playlist named “Epic Road Trip”. Working with Spotify we have published a playlist that is free for all of you to obtain and enjoy.

This playlist has been tried and tested over the past 4 months with various tracks being added and taken away until a balance has been achieve. Ok I’m going to stop pretending it was scientific, all we did was crank up the sound to 11 and decide upon what biblically awesome songs to include. Inside you will find the likes of; Rainbow, Alice Cooper, The Clash, Gary Numan, David Bowie, Motorhead and many more.

All this is free for you to enjoy by following this link! http://open.spotify.com/user/inside_lane/playlist/3rbeedpsDNtuwFB1vfI9MS


Steve: I’ve been on a mission this past week. Not a Rambo-esque mission in which I donned a bandana and went on a rampage around the Vietnamese countryside with nothing but a quartz alarm clock and some wooden ducks. This is more of an aural adventure. You may have noticed that Inside Lane has recently released a playlist of awesome driving tunes. Unfortunately I was not at the meeting when these songs were put down, thus none of my songs at all appear on the list. So here’s what I’ve done.

Using the truly fantastic Spotify, I have put together this playlist titled “Red Hot Records”, and believe me; it lives up to that name. Some of you won’t agree (I know my colleagues won’t), but that’s what opinion is. And unfortunately, if you’re a power ballad maniac this won’t be for you. But if you are a true music aficionado then this is for you. So keys in the engine, Spotify on, and let’s go.