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Inside Lane Joins Wheelwell


inside-lane-wheelwell-mugenInside Lane is again expanding into more communities and social networks to deliver the latest news and reviews. Going beyond the more formal setting of the website, these collaborations enable more interaction with real petrol heads such as yourself. In creating our content there are many images, videos, and even untold stories that are not published for various reasons. But now they too can find the spotlight! Inside Lane joins the Wheelwell community.

Wheelwell is unique in that it is a community of pure enthusiasts. The concept revolves around the vehicles you own and how you have stamped your own personality onto it. From unusual and rare breeds, to heavily customised works of are, the variety of “garages” on Wheelwell was a real draw.

Inside Lane will be posting the latest news and reviews to Wheelwell, as we do with our other networks, but bespoke to this community will be our garage. Here will be galleries of key cars we have road tested along with links to more content. Over time our garage will fill with some of the most interesting new cars to hit the road.

Check out Inside Lane on Wheelwell and join this vibrant community. See you there!