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Inside Lane Themes And Web-App For Google Chrome


Hello folks! Now as I am sure you are all aware we are living in a world consumed by technology. It’s everywhere! Mobile phones that make toast, TV’s you can book holidays on, even camera’s that record in the 3rd dimension. It has become a way of life and it is now a given that everybody has an iThingy or gizmo to the same effect. So baring this in mind we though it was our turn to take a leap into the 21st century and thanks to our newest recruit, Dan, we have done just that.

Google Chrome is quickly becoming the worlds most popular choice of browser. It’s fast, clean and secure, all traits that are very commendable. Thanks to its popularity Chrome made sense in terms of becoming a platform we would develop for. So what have we achieved?  A laser-beam that when fired into the sky brings instant snow? Sorry, nothing quite that astonishing though what we do have we have a feeling you’ll like. How does 3 customized themes and a Web-App sound? Themes for Chrome change its appearance and generally make it prettier to look at. We offer 3 flavors; Ford Focus RS, Aston Martin DB9 or a pack of supercars just waiting to play. The web-app appears as an icon and will take you directly to the latest automotive news when clicked. The cost of these new toys? Our favorite price of course… FREE.

Simply CLICK THIS LINK to get to the Google Chrome Web-Store and enjoy.