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“It May Not Be Car Related But This Man Deserves A Mention.” Steve Jobs, Legend.


It took me a good 20 minutes to decide whether to publish what I am typing now as in all honesty, it is unrelated to what you come here to read. However, I feel it is important to acknowledge this sad time and make note of how Steve Jobs and Apple has helped Inside Lane develop.

Steve was an incredible person who I admire greatly. A man with vision and the drive to take that vision into reality. His devotion and motivation is something I hope I can reproduce in my work as he did his. At Inside Lane Apple products over the past 18 months have brought us record figures through their ingenuity and quality. The podcast is produced 100% with Apple equipment and its success has largely been due to its availability on iTunes. Our fantastic looking magazine is again of Apple design. And all of our cinematic work of late has been sculpted on a Mac.

Thank you Mr Jobs for changing the way in which we use technology, thank you for being such an inspirational figure and thank you for making our work better. I shall end this post with a quote from the man himself that has really struck a chord with me. “The people who think they are crazy enough to change the world are the ones that do…”

R.I.P Steve Jobs.