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Jaguar Announces the XKR 75


For 75 years Jaguar has been building some of the greatest pieces of British engineering the road has ever seen. From the bank robber’s favourite, the MK1, to the revolutionary D-type the leaping cat has provided for those who value the core elements of a well-crafted motoring experience. “Let’s just pretend the S-Type never happened.” To celebrate this milestone Jag has developed a harder, more aggressive XKR.

The XKR 75 benefits from several upgrades that go beyond the cat’s new stripe. Its supercharged V8 now has 560BHP that aids the car in its gallop to 60MPH that now only takes 4.4 seconds. Terminal velocity is now up to 174MPH and with the XKR 75’s new 655NM of torque, the overall package is sounding like a car that could topple some of greats of the motoring world. The suspension has also been tweaked to give the car added agility and the driver more confidence to push the cat that bit harder when the road gets twisty.

Want one? Well you had better get down to your nearest Jaguar dealership sharpish as the company will only produce 75 purrrrfect examples.