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Jaguar F-Type, First Impressions


Jaguar F-Type S rearThe Jaguar F-Type has not yet been given to the automotive media to test, something that we are all refreshing our E-Mails for. However, it has presented itself at a number of public events to further promote the model and its importance to Jaguar. A pre-production F-Type made its way down to Dorset and as that is our neck of the woods we thought it only right to go and investigate.

Presented in a gorgeous powder blue and bathed in intense UV lighting, you can not deny that the new Jaguar F-Type is a looker. Purposeful and muscular at the front but curvaceous and flowing at the rear, we have waited 39 years for a true successor to the legendary E-Type. Can the F-Type live up to its fathers status? Questions like that shall have to wait until we get behind the wheel but for now it is safe to say that in terms of design it scores highly.

The cockpit is a snug fit seating two that is divided by the center console. The attention to detail is what really won me over, with the pulsating starter button beating to the rhythm of a heart to the scale of the steering wheel, a lot of time has been spent on how this car makes you feel from the moment you slip into these fantastically upholstered seats. There is a clear focus on the driver with surfaces angled to his or her view.

This particular F-Type was the S meaning that under the bonnet was a 3.0 litre V6 with 380BHP. That is good for 0-62MPH in 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 171MPH. A V8 is also on offer but as with the E-Types of old we reckon the smaller engine will be the model of choice.

It is clear that Jag are not trying to emulate their past, in that this is not a modernised E-Type, but they do hope to reproduce the same success. Competing against the likes of the Porsche Boxster, or in top spec the 911, is no easy task but this is indeed a very promising start.

Jaguar F-Type S insideJaguar F-Type S front