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Jaguar F-Type to be offered as Manual


Jaguar F-Type coupe 2016It is a sad truth but the manual gearbox is a dying breed. For those who love to be the organic part of the machine and select cogs for yourself your choices have been diminishing recently. Sports cars are now adopting paddle shifters moreJaguar F-Type manual frequently with even “purist” models such as the 911 GT3 missing a clutch pedal. I read an interesting article about manuals living on borrowed time this week and I’m sad to say that I agree that they are going the way of the dodo. However, there is hope and it comes in the form of the Jaguar F-Type.

The Jaguar F-Type has been hugely successful thanks not only to is devilishly handsome looks, but also its fantastic driving manors. It is stylish, modern and exactly what a modern-day successor to the legendary E-Type should be. Rejoice petrol heads as from next year the Jaguar F-Type will introduce a manual gearbox option to accompany the existing 8 speed ZF automatic. This is great news and really shows that Jag is listing to what its customer base wants. With close sporty ratios and a throw of just 45mm, this gearbox will be available on both V6 models.

In addition Jaguar will also introduce all wheel drive adding more confidence to the cars drive in challenging conditions and boasts more performance. The 0-60MPH time of an AWD F-Type R Coupe will be just 3.9 seconds.