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Jaguar Kills-Off C-X75 Supercar


We are entering into an era that will be remembered for producing some of the greatest performance cars the world has ever seen. McLaren are readying their breathtaking P1, Porsche enter the fray with the 918 Spyder and Ferrari are on the verge of launching the successor to the Enzo. Jaguar were set to revive dreams of the XJ220 with their revolutionary C-X75, but no more…

According to Jaguar the current economic climate is “the wrong time” to sell such a car. Granted it’s cost was estimated to be around the £1 Million mark but lets face it, all of the previously mentioned names aren’t letting that stop them. The 1.6 litre turbo and supercharged engine was coupled with an electric motor for a total power output of 888BHP. 0-62MPH could be achieved in 2.8 seconds and 0-100MPH in less than 6. Not only were those figures exciting but the C-X75 was capable of 60 miles of all electric drive.

Jag will continue the development of the car along with the Williams F1 team until May 2013. From there five working prototypes will be built, only three of those are to be sold. Just when we thought the days of Jaguar producing enticing concept cars but then not building them were over, they decide to kill off a car that was already signed off for production.