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Jaguar Sets Record With 1,000+ E-Types


The majesty of the Jaguar E-Type is almost unparalleled as the 50 year old legend still has all the appeal as when it was new. It has often been described as “the worlds most beautiful car” and we would have to agree. Jaguar are just as proud of their creation as the rest of the world and so organized a birthday bash for its icon.

Over 1,000 E-Types attended the event at Silverstone breaking the record for most E-Types on track at once. It is an astonishing sight to see these fabled machines in such vast quantities! There was also a race later in the day that consisted of 52 of these Jags gunning it for glory. As a piece of British engineering the E-Type is an amazing testimony to the rest of the world, despite being 50 years old it can still cause quite the reaction.