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Jaguar To Build 1,000BHP Supercar


Jaguar have a fantastically disappointing habit of creating some of the most astonishing concept cars the world has ever seen and then abandoning the project completely. The inspiring F-Type concept was a particular loss. However news hits us today that Jaguar are planning a successor to their XJ220 supercar and that Porsche’s new 918 Spyder should be quaking in its little German Boots.

To be designed and built entirely in the UK, the C-X75 concept car will go into production come 2013. Using a partnership with the Williams formula one team, this Jag will redefine the British manufacturer as a performance brand. 250 cars will be produced and two engine options will be available. The “base” model 1.6 litre twin turbo hybrid that actually uses the proposed F1 engine for the same year will cost £700,000 and thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibre weigh less than 1400kg. However if you go for the 1000BHP+ jet turbine option at £900,000 you can have all the same green benefits but enough performance to keep pace with a Bugatti Veyron!

2013 can’t come soon enough…