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Just 500 MK3 Focus RS Left for UK Buyers


The 2016 MK3 Focus RS is an astonishing car for many reasons. Not only does it pack 345 BHP and all wheel drive, but the way in which it deploys its performance is breathtaking. As well as being a very enjoyable machine to conquer challenging tarmac, the Focus is also incredible value for money. £29,995 buys you a lot of performance and people have been taking full advantage of that. Today news emerges that there might only be 500 Ford Focus RS left of the Uk allocation for this hot hatchback.

The UK is traditionally the largest hot hatch market in the world, but with this MK3 RSMK3 Focus RS nb rear being a global car, America is now expected to take the lead. Success of the Focus ST certainly supports that. A couple of weeks ago we reported that over 3,000 orders have been placed, but now according to Autocar that figure has been bumped up to over 3,500. Ford’s allocation for the UK is said to be 4,000 cars which means just 500, or less, are still looking for homes. It is as yet unclear if the blue oval will boost production, but that has not been the case with past RS cars.

Waiting lists are already extending well into 2017 for this 2.3 litre performance model. 61% of orders taken are in its signature Nitrous Blue.

This MK3 Focus RS is looking to become as collectable as the last. With strong residual values and potentially the last cars being offered, maybe you should get to your dealer sooner rather than later.