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Kia Telluride Concept is Bathed in Luxury


Kia Telluride Front

Taking a glimpse into the future, Kia have showcased the Telluride Concept at the North American International Auto Show, and it is bathed in state-of-the-art technology and paves the way in terms of high riding, seven-seat comfort. This luxury SUV is planned to remain a concept for now, but reveals Kia’s interest in the potential for a premium SUV which sits above the popular Sorento in the Kia line-up.

Chief designer at Kia Design Centre America, Tom Kearns says this SUV places a focus on “the experience and comfort of second-row occupants” he also stated that the “Telluride allows us to envision what a full-size seven-passenger SUV from Kia could look like”. The concept’s front doors and rear hinged back doors open at 90 degrees to unveil a cabin brimmed with opulence. The large interior allows the middle seats to recline almost completely horizontally and include fold away footrests for maximum comfort. All four black leather captain’s seats include a series of diamond-cut openings with Smart Sensors to monitor passenger’s vital health information which are then displayed on the interior door panel screens which then sync with the Light Emitted Rejuvenation system.

More tech is to be found in the second row centre console in the form of a touch sensitive interactive band with Swipe Command which allows rear seat occupants to select media by swiping their hand. Music is then played through a seven-speaker system or portable headphones which wirelessly charge when in the centre console.

Underneath the Telluride is a modified version of the Sorento’s chassis and it’s powerful, muscular body sits on huge 22-inch alloy wheels. It’s front fascia includes a larger version of Kia’s tiger nose grille which sits between qual-LED headlights whilst a polished-metal skid plate sits below. Moving round to the rear, thin vertical rear lights are found as well as a dual exhaust to accentuate the Telluride’s solid appearance.

A finger print activated push-start button fires up the powerful PHEV powertrain. A combination of a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine alongside an electric motor combine for a total of 400 bhp and over 30 mpg. Power is then sent to all four wheels through an advanced all-wheel drive system.

Whilst there are no plans for the Kia Telluride to make production, it does give us some idea of what a future luxury SUV may be like if Kia decide to extend the range above the Sorento.

Kia Telluride RearKia Telluride Interior