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Kimi Raikkonen almost Crashes LaFerrari


Kimi Raikkonen LaFerrari spinBeing a Formula One driver has its perks… Besides driving as fast as the laws of physics will allow and being paid (most of the grid) rather well, they often get free stuff from their sponsors. From insurance policies to deodorant, whisky to mobile phone contracts. If your team is associated, or actually is, a car manufacturer often they want them driving their products. Whilst we doubt Kimi Raikkonen is being given a LaFerrari for free, he has been given the opportunity to at least drive one… And then almost crash it. F1 drivers like pushing the limits and we can imaging with all of its computer systems turned off that the 950BHP V12 supercar is a bit of a handful. The Formula One star is seen giving the car a good thrashing but then getting into a tank slapper at speed, catching the grass and spinning off of the track. A scary moment for most, but all in a days work for the ice man. Check out the video and see how Kimi Raikkonen almost crashes LaFerrari.