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Koenigsegg Agera XS States its Intent in Monterey


Koenigsegg agera-xs-2-1Hollywood isn’t the only place in California where blockbusters are born. Further down the golden West coast, the superstars of the motoring world gather every august to dazzle and delight at the highly prestigious Monterey Car Week.  The 2016 edition will be no exception and the brightest supernova of all is all set erupt onto the Monterey scene in a blaze of orange glory; introducing the Koenigsegg Agera XS.

The Swedish supercar stable already possesses the prodigiously potent Agera RS within its ranks, a drool-inducing tour de force that more than lives up to Koenigsegg’s reputation as the giant-killer of the supercar fraternity. However, across the pond, stringent road car regulations have thus far constrained the RS leviathan to the confines of the race track, judging it to be just too unhinged for public road consumption.  Now, the all-new Monterey-bound Agera XS is set to change all that.

Koenigsegg agera-xs-4-1Fully road legal stateside, the Agera XS is essentially a subtle adaptation on the sizzling RS formula. The latter’s 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 powerplant still lurks under the bonnet and fans will be pleased to hear none of the 1,160 horses from the existing model have been jettisoned. With bags of torque on tap and the same seven-speed paddleshift gearbox funnelling the power, the XS should reproduce the same blistering acceleration and overall performance figures showcased by its RS sibling.

Where the two machines differ is on the finer design points. Being ‘road-friendly’, or at least comparatively so, the new Agera XS does bring aboard a few more of those everyday comfort features than the RS. Amongst the creature comforts are a set of ‘smart’ airbags, climate control, smartphone connectivity, electric seats and a hydraulic lift system to haul the Agera over bothersome speed bumps.

Koenigsegg agera-xs-1-1That’s not to say that the Agera XS has traded in its trainers for carpet slippers however; the bright Karosserie Orange exterior finish is one very visual testament to that. Look more closely and you’ll be able to pick out the XS’s many signature race features such as carbon ceramic brakes and adaptive dampers, not to mention the largest carbon fibre rear wing ever to be fitted to a Koenigsegg.

Aerodynamic alterations as well as interior enhancements do raise the XS’s kerbweight slightly; Koenigsegg’s quote of 1,395kg pegs it at marginally more than the Agera RS.

You can catch more glimpses of Koenigsegg’s triumphant return to the US market over the next two  weeks in Monterey where the newest supercar to come out of Sweden will share a platform with the delayed but hotly anticipated 1,479bhp Regera  hybrid whose initially 2016 release date has been pushed back until early 2017.Koenigsegg agera-xs-3-1