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Koenigsegg One:1 Faster than McLaren P1 at Spa


Koenigsegg One 1By now it is no secret that the Koenigsegg One:1 is one of the most incredible and fastest cars to ever grace the automotive world. The Swedish company are also certainly no strangers to making some of the most ludicrous machines in the business. People that are perhaps less in the know of the happenings in the world of supercars could be forgiven for thinking that a company like Koenigsegg is great, but may not necessarily be able to compete with the heavyweights such as Ferrari and McLaren. This theory was blown away when the One:1 completed a time of 2:33.26 around the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium last month – this was nearly five seconds faster than the McLaren P1’s time and almost seven seconds less than the Porsche 918 to put it into frightening context. “Fluke!” I hear you McLaren fans cry. The One:1 has had another go around the Belgian circuit earlier this week and it has not only beaten the hybrid hypercars, but has also itself by over a second with a time of 2:32.14. This means it is around six seconds faster than the P1 on a two and a half minute track. This is really quite astonishing!

Obviously, the One:1 is well equipped for becoming one of the fastest things on four wheels. The name refers to the one-to-one power to weight ratio, which is an unbelievable engineering feat for this breed of car. It has 1,341 bhp at it’s disposal or one megawatt in metric units, meaning Koenigsegg have dubbed it as the first ‘megacar’, and it is hard to argue with that title. It wasn’t all plain sailing to post this record lap time however. The team did have to contest with a circuit which was being occupied by other cars, clearly an empty circuit would no doubt further improve the lap time. There was also the issue of an unanticipated noise restriction that meant modifying the exhaust and therefore couldn’t perform as well as it otherwise would. Putting the One:1 on a clear track unmodified is a somewhat terrifying prospect with what it could achieve, and it is one we would love to see.