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KTM X-Bow R Revealed


The KTM X-Bow (pronounced, crossbow) defiantly wins the award for most evil looking car to ever befall the earth. Not in a bad way, ok so it’s no Aston Martin, but the headlights that look like frowning eyes and its gaping mouth certainly gives it character. We love the X-Bow as it brings all the thrills of an Ariel Atom yet without leaving you quite as exposed to the elements. The cars carbon fibre lashings mean it only weighs 1,741 pounds and with 240BHP it really does shift. So you would imagine that KTM were quite content with their new creation, but they weren’t. So they built an ever scarier one!

Today the KTM X-Bow R sees the world publicly for the first time and it looks just as menacing as its sibling. With a re-tweaked body kit including new vents and winglets to increase down force, this KTM looks the part but in a world of Lotus and Ariel track cars can it compete with their highest specification models? Thanks to a 2.0 litre turbocharged Audi engine the R now has 300BHP! No word on other figures as yet but with the extra power expect 0-62MPH to come in at around 3.2 seconds.

Keys please KTM…