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LaFerrari needs Fuel Tank Fix


LaFerrari drivingFerrari’s flagship has to be one of the one of the most astonishing cars on the road at the moment. Part of the new breed of hybrid supercars, this 950BHP V12 prancing horse has become an immediate icon. Going directly into battle with the British built McLaren P1, LaFerrari is a worthy representative of the red corner. Just 499 examples of this 6.3 litre beast will be built, but every single one of them is in need of what is being called an “upgrade.”

Said upgrade relates to the cars fuel tank which will be recoated on each and every example. Whilst Ferrari will not go as far as recalling the car, LaFerrari will have this job carried out at its next scheduled service. The Italian firm say there is no serious safety risk to owners, hence this is not being treated as an official recall. Each can continue to be used. All cars have a seven year free Ferrari maintenance plan, as you would expect from a machine that costs £1,040,000. The job of applying this new coating takes about 8 hours. 161BHP of this cars output is generated by electric motors, but the other 789BHP comes from its 12 cylinder heart which does require that fuel tank.