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LaFerrari Spider is Batman’s Weekend Wheels


LaFerrari Spider profileAny Ferrari flagship is special, but LaFerrari made itself right at home from day one. Representing the most advanced road legal performance car the company can muster, this V12 hybrid supercar is already an icon. Just 499 of these cars are being built, of which all are sold. Today if you are looking to buy one secondhand there is a huge premium to be paid. For those holding out hope that the rumoured LaFerrari Spider would be their next opportunity, sadly that ship has also sailed. This is the new LaFerrari Spider and all were sold even before the car was made official.

Looking very much like something Batman would drive, especiallyLaFerrari Spider top in this sinister black, LaFerrari Spider is at last in the open. Details at this point are few in number as Ferrari are waiting to reveal all at the Paris motor show in October.

We do know that it is powered by the very same 6.3 litre V12 hybrid engine as the coupe. That means 950 BHP combined. The chassis has been stiffened to retain rigidity and the aerodynamics altered to gain the same levels of drag as its coupe counterpart. A carbon fibre removable roof panel or fabric top can be optioned for the car. There will be far fewer spiders than the supercar it is based upon.

Pricing for LaFerrari Spider has yet to be announced, not that it matters as all are sold.