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LaFerrari Spider Planned


LaFerrari topSo what stopped you buying a LaFerrari? Did you pick up the keys to one of its rivals? Were they all sold before you could put down a deposit? Or maybe it was the moment you stopped daydreaming and realised your bank manager wasn’t going to give you £1,040,000… One genuine reason why some buyers might not have taken Ferrari up on their latest flagship is because they wanted something a bit more alfresco. The prancing horse might just be working on something for them. LaFerrari Spider planned.

According to Car and Driver’s sources, a LaFerrari spider is in the works that will offer all of the top flight hybrid hyper car fundamentals as well as the opportunity to remove the roof. LaFerrari would have to likely lose its swan doors for a removable roof panel to work. Nothing has been officially confirmed by Ferrari, as you would expect, but it has been suggested that just 50 of LaFerrari Spiders will be built and for a considerable premium over the coupe. Performance from its 6.3 litre V12 engine and electric motor is expected to be unchanged at 950BHP. We would  probably see LaFerrari Spider some time after the final car of the original 499 batch rolls out of the factory.