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Lamborghini Aventador Explodes Onto Supercar Scene


Lamborghini exists solely for one purpose. One night deep within the pages of history both Mr Ferrari and Mr Lamborghini sat down to dine together. The topic of sports cars arose where the two men met at a disagreement. Mr Lamborghini, who at the time built tractors, didn’t like the way Enzo was building his road cars and so he told him. He was met with a reply along the lines of “if you don’t like it build your own…” And so out of pure spite he did. Decades later and the two are still at each others throats but now Lamborghini have a new weapon of choice to take on the prancing horse. Its called the Aventador!

Replacing the much loved Murcielago the Aventador is an all new car suited and booted with the latest technology. A brand new V12 heart pounds out 691BHP and will hurtle this monster from 0-62MPH in just 2.9 seconds. The car will not relent until it hits 217MPH, with a sharp new dual clutch gearbox and redline of 8,250rpm it wont take long at all to get there. Inside is a fabulously sculpted cockpit with high centre console and man eating seats.

We just love it! This truly does represent the Lamborghini of today. Aggressive, powerful, the sort of machine that if it walked into a crowded room could cause silence to fall. Until you fired it up of course.