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Lamborghini Aventador Sold Out For 2011


If you wealthy there are many extravagances you may wish to spend your vast amounts of money on. A big house with plenty of land, gold plated watches, private jets. You get the idea. However, as the saying goes, money can not buy you everything especially if you are after something of a limited number. If you have a spare £201,900 I regret to inform you that it can’t be spent on a Lamborghini Aventador this year as they are sold out.

Lamborghini’s new flagship supercar is astonishing. The howling V12 700BHP monster with styling done by the devil himself caused quite a stir at its Geneva motor show unavailing to the point where other manufacturers asked to move their stand further away. The car is slated for a production of on 5000 units over the next few years but each and every car to be produced in 2011 is already spoken for. No matter how much money you throw at the Italians they couldn’t offer you an Aventador until mid-2012 due to a continually building waiting list.

Sorry Mr Millionaire but if you want one of these beasts before Christmas it is going to have to be secondhand.