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Lamborghini Estoque Not Dead Yet…


The automotive industry these days is very much a case of follow the leader. If one company finds a niche you can guarantee that others will follow them into the void. Unexpected supercars are a good example as Audi made the push with the R8 and now we see Lexus of all badges making the LF-A. The latest fad to take manufacturers eyes is the so called “super saloon” that offers everyday practicality in tandem with supercar performance. Aston Martin began with the Rapide concept and soon brought the car to market, Porsche also created the Panamera and not so long ago Laborghini made a super saloon concept named the Estoque. But the Estoque has been long forgotten at Lamborghini, Hasn’t it?

Wrong! According to reports the raging bull’s seductively aggressive family car is still in consideration for production. Lamborghini’s sales have been down 18% this quarter making the release of a new model a viable method to increase sales. The concept concealed a 5.2 litre V10 under its sculpted bonnet and could happily seat four fully grown adults.

We really hope Lamborghini do put the Estoque into production as we are sure it would be a success. Out of the current super saloons, the Lamborghini would be our pick every time.