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Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV China Edition


Ok so it might not be the world’s most desirable name for a car, actually to the best of our recollection we can think of no other car with a longer name! However much like the label on crisps that tell you how quickly you are going to die of clogged arties, this latest Lambo tells you all you need just with its name. The Lamborghini bit is simple enough and so is the all too familiar name of Murcielago, LP670-4 tells you that the engine is positioned 90 degrees clockwise to where it was originally and the “670” bit is how many horses its packing! SV is short for Super Veloce that is in fact super-light in English. China Edition? Well, this being the Beijing Motor Show I’m sure you can work that out for yourself.

So what’s so different about this SV in comparison to its end of the line twin? NOTHING! No more power, it’s not lighter or faster in anyway… Why buy one then? First up is that this is a very rare car as only 10 will be made and all ten will be sold in China. I’m sure by now you have noticed its “go faster stripe” that is meant to represent the power of an exploding volcano. Did Lamborghini miss something last week?

The SV is a car so soul shaking that it’s beyond comprehension, add a volcano stripe and it will literally set fire to the small child within us all!