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Lamborghini Murcielago Replacement Teased Again: UPDATED


Why must you tease us! What sin have we committed to justify this cruelty? Lamborghini are at it again with what they call part 2 of 6 into the full unveiling of the legendary Murcielago’s successor. The wait seems never ending for our first full look and with the Italians drip-feeding information it only makes us more eager to see the beast.

The second image released shows 10 red trimmed holes on carbon fibre. The nature of these holes is still a mystery but one theory is that they are exhaust outlets and that the car will be a V10. That is a possibility but Lamborghini are rather proud of their V12 so I wouldn’t put money on it. We do know that the car will use vast amounts of carbon fibre to reduce weight and that reduction in mass will result in faster 0-62 times, more nimble handling and increased stability.

Come on already Lamborghini!

Ok so here is our third look and we are rather confident that this is a shot of the cabin, the dashboard perhaps? Make what you will of it; no matter what it is we already love it!