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Lamborghini Navarra Concept


Lamborghini are not too far from announcing the Murcielago’s replacement and whilst the old car was far from tame, it didn’t really push the boundaries of radical design. The performance was electrifying but in a normal colour like blue it didn’t really standout amongst its supercar counterparts. What the new Lambo needs is an awe-inspiring aesthetic design to house what will undoubtedly be a fantastic car. Well the designers of the stealth bomber have jumped the gun and decided to show the world what they think the raging bull’s new direction should be.

Lockheed Martin have penned this, the Lamborghini Navarra Concept, an aggressive jet inspired version of how they feel the next-gen supercar should look. So take note Lamborghini, the world wants you to be just as extravert as you were before the German’s moved in!