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Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Given Green Light


The Paris motor show a couple of months back brought us some rather exciting concept cars. Lotus in particular shocked the world with the announcement of their “metamorphosis,” changing from track-day go kart to luxury supercar maker. But Lamborghini also came bearing gifts in the form of the astonishing Sesto Elemento, and now we have learnt that it will make production!

The Sesto Elemento (sixth element) is an ultra lightweight concept made mainly of carbon fibre and containing the heart of the latest Gallardo. The result of this cataclysmic combination is a car that weighs under 1000KG, has 570BHP and can achieve a 0-62MPH time of 2.5 seconds! This car is biblical in ever sense of the word… Prepared for a run of only 10 cars this little stealth will set potential owners back something in the region of £2,100,000. But then again it is hard to put a price on this sort of exclusivity and performance.

On our show Steve loved the idea of this car but was adamant that it wouldn’t be built and thus refused to get excited about it. Well, I think Lamborghini have stitched you up here mate!