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Lamborghini’s Concept Car Days Are Over


Lamborghini Veneno topThe notion of a concept car is to showcase future design directions and engineering progress without hitting that brick wall we call reality. These Lamborghini Veneno profilemachines often never see the light of day again after their motor show debut has ended thanks to the astonishing amount of money it would cost to produce such a car of fantasy. Lamborghini is a brand that blurs the lines of between fantasy and reality with all of their road cars, each something that could very well be a concept car in terms of design. Their concept cars were once even more outrageous than what made it into production, but no more. Instead Lamborghini are to just make their production cars even more, well… Lamborghini.

In an interview with Autocar Lamborghini chief executive, Stephan Winkelmann, is quoted to say “When I arrived at the company, we were wasting money on concept cars and I didn’t like them going off to the museum. So I wanted us to start creating ‘concept’ cars that were fully engineered and saleable and could become a real part of the history for the brand.” It turns out very limited number cars such as the breathtaking Veneno are to become more regular in their appearance. It’s a smart move as the cost of developing a concept car is astronomical, but sell just a handful of them for mad money and you will have not only showcased your design but also recouped a great deal of its development costs.

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