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Land Rover’s Tax Free Range_E


A Land Rover’s core principle is to transport occupants over any terrain using some of the most advanced equipment available to the general public. Want to get to the top of that mountain? Drive through a swamp? Cross deserts? There is no other road-going machine that will convey you, your family and even the dog over any terrain in the manner these cars do. However their “green credentials” have never been a strong point and for the past few years owners of such beasts have been ridiculed by the government. Well that is set to change with a Range Rover that is tax free… I’ll repeat that, TAX FREE!

This is the Range_E a hybrid Range Rover Sport with all the 4X4 tech of the standard car and even a meaty diesel engine. Other than being a great pun, the “E” part of this cars name is very significant as it hints that it is a plug-in hybrid and not one that leaches off the combustion engine. The company say that the Range_E can travel 20 miles on electricity alone and produce only 89g/km of CO2 combined. That is staggering for a car that weighs so much and still maintains its off-road capabilities.

Though currently just a test vehicle, Land Rover are looking to put the Range_E to work in the show room over the coming years.