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Latest Renault Alpine Vision Concept Revealed


2016 Alpline Vison backThe long anticipated Renault Alpine Vision Concept has been revealed at an event in Monte Carlo, ahead of it’s public debut at the Geneva motor show next month. The Alpine Vision will kick-start the Alpine brands revival looking towards its formal launch next year.

Designed to rival the likes of the Porsche Cayman, this concept is the latest reiteration for Renault’s sporty sub-brand, as they get closer to their final production model. The Vision concept is “very close to production” according to Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn, with just the wing mirrors and wheels being altered for the production version, which will be revealed later in 2016. Whilst not being a final model, Alpine and Renault bosses do still claim a 0-62mph time in less than 4.5 seconds thanks to it’s lightweight, mid-engined nature.

“High performance, elegant, lightweight car dedicated to driving pleasure in its very 2016 Alpline Vison frontpurest”, is how Alpine describe the Vision as they seek to put an emphasis on this lightweight, well engineered machine which offers true driving pleasure.

What also makes this concept different to previous iterations is that, for the first time, we are given a glimpse into the Alpine’s space-age cockpit. A blend of carbon fibre, aluminium, leather and fabric combines for a luxurious, sophisticated and modern cabin, which looks to immerse the driver in the experience. This notion is accentuated further with quilted bucket seats, which you are strapped in to with harness seat belts. The buttons and air vents are also illuminated in Alpine Blue.

Despite not going on sale for another year, plans are reportedly in the pipeline for a faster RS version, which means the 250bhp 1.8-litre turbocharged engine would be tuned by Renaultsport to push it past the 300bhp mark. Changes that differentiate the standard model from the hotter Vision include larger air intakes for cooling, larger rear wheel arches, alternate alloy wheels and crosshatched LED headlights.

The standard Alpine Vision is set to cost around £50,000 when it goes on sale in 2017 after its public display at Geneva next month and final production version unveiling towards the end of 2016.