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Lewis Hamilton Crashes New F1 Car


Mercedes AMG W05 profile 2Accidents happen. Little things that just ruin your day but were completely unforeseeable. Lewis Hamilton last year during preseason testing crashed is Mercedes AMG F1 car due to brake failure, a scary moment in the cockpit no doubt, not a good way to end your first day for a new team. Can lightning strike twice? In the case of the 2008 world champion the answer is yes. Lewis Hamilton crashes new F1 car on the first day of testing.

Though again this accident was not Hamilton’s fault with the car experiencing a failure of the nose. Whilst entering the first corner on another test lap the front wing came off causing a catastrophic imbalance of the car at exactly the wrong moment. Lewis then lost control and crashed into the barrier ending Mercedes testing for today. The ex-McLaren driver was unharmed but will no doubt find a small dent in his pride. Mercedes only unveiled the car hours earlier adding to the embarrassment.  This valuable time that has been lost may cost Mercedes as each team tries to understand their new cars and the 2014 regulations effect on them. The Mercedes W05 sustained front suspension damage but is expected to be repaired in time for the seconds day.