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Lewis Hamilton Shows Off His Silver Arrow


Hamilton Rosberg Mercedes AMG F1Without any question or shadow of doubt, the biggest story in Formula One last year was when it came to light that Lewis Hamilton would leave McLaren to join the Mercedes AMG F1 team. Lewis has been with McLaren since he was a boy, but after some harrowing results that lost him the 2012 title he made his decision. Now he drives a silver arrow.

Accompanied by teammate and friend Nico Rosberg he revealed the F1 W04, Mercedes AMG F1’s 2013 contender. The car is a thorough refinement of the 2012 incarnation, a machine that failed to impress. Both Hamilton and the team hope that throughout the development of the new car big performance gains can be found. It is clear that small details such as break ducting and turning vanes have been worked on extensively over the winter, but it will take a lot of performance gains in areas all over the car before they are competing with the lead teams.